Kunal Calcium Limited

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

We process high quality Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, which is prepared as per the approved standards followed in the pharmaceutical industry. The Precipitated Calcium Carbonate we offer is hygienically packed and is free from any type of impurity. Our Precipitated Calcium Carbonate has accurate formulation and has proper physical and chemical properties.

Used In
  • Rubber industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Dentifrice
  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Typical Physical Data

PropertiesKC-1 SuperKC - E1KC - 1KC - 3KC - 4KC - 5 KC - 6
Extra lightMediumLightMediumMediumDenseExtra Dense
Apparant Density {gm/ml)0.36-0.390.4 - 0.550.40-0.450.60-0.710.55-0.640.70-0.850.86-1.00
Surface Area by Nitrogen Absorption M2/g7-94.5-6.55-73-54-61.5-2.51.0-1.5
Specific Surface Diamster (micron)0.300.380.330.450.401.41.6
Particle size Medium Diameter D504-55.5-6.05-68-8.55.5-6.59-1111-13
Flolv point {ml/15gm}29--3222-2425-2816-1918-2213-1610-13
Fineness % (through 45 micron min)99.4099.7099.4099.5099.5099.7099.70
Crystalline HabitArogoniteArogoniteArogoniteArogoniteArogoniteArogoniteArogonite

Typical Physical Data

Properties KC-11 KC2
Apparant Density {gm/ml} 0.42-0.47 0.40-0.45
Surface Area by Nitrogen Absorption M2g 20-23 13-15
Specific Surface Diameter(um) 0.11 0.16
DOP Absoption {gm/100 gm) 65.80 60-75
Finensss % (through 45 micron min) 99.70 99.70
Crystalline Habit Calcite Semi-Calcite

Chemical Analysis

Properties Values
Color Bright white
Specific gravity 2.65-2.75
Solution in 5N HCL Clear
Soluble Alkaki (Na2O)max 0.15
pH 9.3-10.3
Loss on Drying {at 105oC) 0.5-0.8%
lron {as Fe} max 0.02%
Manganese (as Mn) max 0.003%
Lead {as Pb} max 5Ppm
Copper (as Cu) Negligible
Arsenic {as As) Less than 2Ppm
Chloride (as Cl) Traces
Floride (as F) Traces
Phosphate {as PO4) max 0.10%
Sulphate (as SO4) max 0.16%
Silica (as SlO2} mar 0.05%
Matter lnsoluble in Hydrochloric acid max. 0.5%
Magnesia {as MgO} max. 0.5%
Calcium Carbonate (Min) 98.5%